Our team



Nancy Di Giuseppe, is our creative director and founder. Nancy graduated in fashion design in Spain before becoming a flight attendant for United Airlines. She has lived all over the world and developed a passion for ice skating while living in Chicago. She started her company Paradice World while living in Thailand in 2008 when she could not find quality skating equipment for herself and her children.   Nancy is responsible for the overall creative development of the company. 

Nancy was born in France and has Italian and Spanish roots. She speaks French, Spanish and English. 

Her daughter is a figure skater and her son is a hockey player. 


Agent Calgary

Hello, my name is Kristine! I am a former figure skater and mother of 3 beautiful children. I lived in France for 7 years where I had the opportunity to get to know Nancy and the Paradice World brand. I am now located just outside of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Both my daughters compete in skating – one is a figure skater and the other has chosen hockey – and we are huge fans of the line and wear it on and off the ice. I’m a rink mum and I also love fashion. After talking with Nancy, we decided to bring this fabulous line to Canada. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments, I can talk skating gear all day 😊.


Workshop Manager

Mrs. Zhang Luying has been in charge of our sewing department for 10 years now. Thanks to her expertise and talent as a seamstress, specialising in sportswear and down jackets, we have been able to complete our technically challenging projects. Her husband has joined her to lead the pattern making and cutting.

Nancy, our designer, is very responsive to Mrs Zhang’s technical advice. They work hand in hand on each project to provide maximum development and detail.



Tony Jiang is our production manager and the general manager of Paradice World HK. He joined Paradice World in 2009 when Nancy was developing her first soft pet wrap. It was a crazy project and no manufacturer was interested in producing it. That’s when Tony came along. Shortly after making their first sample, Nancy went to ISPO in Munich and received her first big order from Risport. The sea collection was born from this collaboration! 

After this success, we decided to join forces. Since then, Tony has been managing our team of suppliers and making sure that everything runs smoothly during production. 

Tony is Chinese and speaks fluent Mandarin and English. He is the father of two lovely children.